Why fit your factory with a mezzanine?

If space is becoming an issue, installing a custom-designed Factory Mezzanine Floor is the perfect way to take your business up a level.

It’s cheaper than moving

Factory Mezzanine Floors increase your storage space for much less than you would pay to move elsewhere. Plus, there’s no downtime.

Mezzanines can be an expansion of your office space

Our mezzanines are suitable for more than just storage. We can create a mezzanine office for your factory teams.

You can recoup your investment in <12 months

The majority of our clients quickly recover the modest price of their initial outlay quickly.

We use super-durable steel structures

Our Mezzanines are fabricated using engineered structural steel providing 2, 3 and 5kpa load ratings. This makes them suitable for office space and heavy item storage.

Our Mezzanines are custom designed to your factory

We design our mezzanines to your specification and needs. Ask us for a free site visit.

100% compliant with the Building Code of Australia.

We offer high-quality factory mezzanines that meet all Australian safety standards for the cheapest possible price.

It’s cheaper than extending or renovating

While structural changes are disruptive and expensive, installing a mezzanine can be done quickly and cost-effectively.


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